The Centre of Radiology was started in 2013 at the time of inception of the hospital. It was first of its kind in Patna, Bihar. Ruban Memorial Hospital has a vast imaging department with its unique subdivisions which include Conventional Radiology, Fetal Medicine, CT, MRI General Ultrasound, and Interventional Radiology. All the sections are highly equipped with the latest technology and managed effectively by the number of expert consultants and providing high-quality reporting and quality care of patients. It’s a well-coordinated department. Each department is staffed with extremely trained and experienced technical personnel.

Our scope of services

Multi-slice ct: It is a specialized CT system equipped with a multiple detector display that simultaneously obtains tomographic data at different slice locations.

Ultrasound: The ultrasound division of our centre is one of the earliest ultrasound setups in the city. The department of General Ultrasound is equipped with high-end resolution ultrasound Doppler machines. Overall patient overload is average 150 patients per day.

Echocardiography: A test that applies sound waves to create live images of your heart. The image produced is an echocardiogram. This test allows our specialists to monitor the functioning of your heart and its valves. The images can help them trace: clots of blood in the heart.

Cath Lab: It is a sort of an assessment room equipped with diagnostic imaging machine used to visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found in the heart.