At Ruban Memorial Hospital we have ENT Specialist in Patna Bihar. ENT is basically surgery of  Ear Nose and Throat. All features of ENT Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery, Base-Skull Surgery, ENT Endoscopic Surgery are performed with the help of state of the art equipment.

Scope of Services

Tonsillectomy: It is a surgical procedure in which both palatine tonsils are fully removed from the back of the throat. The method is performed for regular throat infections and obstructive sleep apnea.

Adenoidectomy : Adenoidectomy is a surgery of the adenoid for reasons which include chronic infections, recurrent earaches or impaired breathing through the nose. The effectiveness of removing the adenoids in children to improve recurrent nasal symptoms and/or nasal obstruction has not been well studied.

Septoplasty : It is a corrective surgery performed to straighten a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is the division between the two nasal cavities.


Nasal Fracture: It is a fracture of one of the bones of the nose. Bleeding, swelling, bruising, and an inability to breathe through the nose are some of the symptoms of a nose fracture.

Mastoidectomy: It is a surgical procedure performed to eliminate the mastoid air cells. It is sometimes performed as part of other methods or for access to the middle ear.

Tympanoplasty: It is a surgical procedure performed for the rebuilding of the eardrum or the small bones of the middle ear.

Antral lavage: In this procedure, a cannula is inserted in the maxillary sinus through the inferior meatus to enable irrigation and drainage of the sinus. It is called the proof puncture as the presence of an infection can be proven during this process.

Ethmoidectomy: It is a procedure that involves the removal of partitions between the ethmoid sinuses to create broad sinus cavities. This procedure is performed to treat sinus infections and obstructions that becomes the main cause of chronic sinus problems.

Endoscopic sinus surgery: It is a surgery performed to eliminate the blockages in the sinuses. Blockages can cause sinusitis, in which the sinus mucous membranes get blocked, swell, causing pain, impaired breathing and drainage.
Including all the regular surgeries, we also provide routine surgeries of Head & Neck, Ear, Nose and Throat.
We have the best surgeons who perform surgery of facial nerve.

Thyroplasty: Thyroplasty is a technique to improve the voice by altering the voice box, which houses the vocal cords to change the position or the length of the vocal cords.

Septorhinoplasty: This surgery improves the appearance of your nose. It also improves your breathing process through your nose.

We are experts in performing successful head and neck surgeries.

Revision Ear Surgery: It is a type of plastic surgery intended to improve the appearance and shape of the ear caused by congenital deformities in children and teens.
Laryngoscopy: It is a procedure to observe the voice box, including the vocal cords, as well as nearby structures like the back of the throat.

Microlaryngoscopy: A surgical process performed using a surgical instrument called a laryngoscope. Laryngoscope is placed through the mouth to expose the vocal folds.

Oesophagoscopy: It is an examination of your swallowing tube while you are under a general anaesthetic.
Mastoidectomy: It is a process to remove the mastoid air cells. It is a part of treatment for mastoiditis, cholesteatoma chronic suppurative otitis media