Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

The Department of Pulmonary and sleep medicine at Ruban is the most advanced and fully equipped department which provides holistic care in diagnosis,treatment and prevention of Respiratory and sleep disorders.This Department provides world class Respiratory Intensive Care Unit(RICU) with state of art technology.Our specialist have wide experience from the premier institutes in India and abroad.The department is armed with latest management modalities for disorders like DPLD/ILD,COPD,Asthma,Pneumonia,Tuberculosis, Lung cancer and Sleep disorders.
Services offered—
1)Bronchoscopy- Bronchial biopsy,Transbronchial needle aspiration (TBNA),Bronchoalvelar Lavage(BAL),Foreign body removal
2) Thoracoscopy
3) PFT/ Spirometry, Diffusion study(DLCO)
4)Polysomnography study
5) 6 Minute walk test
7) Respiratory ICU