1. How can I get an appointment at Ruban Memorial Hospital?

You can book your appointment online from our website or call us at 0612-2271021 or 1800-120-2216.

2. Who has the access to my health records?

Your health record is safe with our hospital management and is not shared with the people that are not associated with your treatment or diagnosis.

3. Why Ruban Memorial Hospital?

  • - Highly qualified medical professionals
  • - Advanced medical equipments
  • - Caring staff and nurses
  • - Pharmacy and Canteen available
  • - A multi-speciality hospital
  • - Toll-free number available at 1800-120-2216
  • - Easy appointment bookings

4. How can I contact Ruban Memorial Hospital?

You can contact us at info@rubanpatliputrahospital.com or call us at our general enquiry number 0612-2271020.

5. What are the hospital timings and official working hours?

The hospital is functional 24 hours everyday.

Office hours are 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday

6. I lost my medical records, how can I get another copy?

Your medical records are always preserved with Ruban Hospitals electronic medical record system. Contact us at info@rubanpatliputrahospital.com and we will email you the soft copies of your medical records.

7. What is the procedure to refer my relative or friend for any treatment service at Ruban Memorial Hospital?

You may get in touch with your case manager or contact us through our different contact numbers or e-mail id. We will make sure your near and dear ones are taken care of.

8. I am an International Patient, which documents are required to be presented on arrival?

  • - Original passport
  • - Passport sized photographs of the patient and the attendant.
  • - Print out of earlier communication with the hospital.
  • - Previous medical records.

9. I do not want my case to be disclosed to anyone, is it possible?

Ruban Memorial Hospital respects every individual’s privacy and we do not discuss or disclose anyone’s ailments and diagnosis with third parties or with those not involved in your case.

10. Does the hospital have a blood bank?

Yes, Ruban Memorial Hospital has a fully functional blood bank and promotes blood donations.