General Medicine

General Medicine is the specialty of medical science dealing with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases in adults. If a person visits a doctor unsure of his or her disease with a few symptoms, the doctor that will examine the patient is a General Medicine specialist.

Benefits you will get at Ruban Memorial Hospital 

  1. Facilities for treatment of all types of medical problems
  2. Diabetic Counseling and treatment

If you are diabetic and suffer from diabetes, you will get Medical Counselling by general physicians or doctor at Ruban Memorial Hospital in Patna Bihar. You will also get the latest treatment for diabetes by highly trained medical professionals and doctors.

Ruban Memorial Hospital is the first multi-speciality of Bihar that offers the latest technology in all the medical treatments. Visit us if you feel sick or unwell for a state-of-art treatment and relax in our 200 bedded tertiary care super speciality hospital.

What does it mean?

If you are feeling sick and unwell, unsure of the disease that is causing all the sufferings you can visit Ruban Memorial Hospital for expert supervision and treatment. Our highly experienced general medicine specialists will examine you for all types of medical disease, getting to the root of all your problems and treating it with the latest treatment and medicines.